Writer & Storyteller

Stephanie Podue was born and raised in Califonia and studied English at UC Berkeley.

From a young age, she’s been passionate about stories and┬átheir ability to connect people. Growing up in small communities and having little exposure to the outside world, she was hungry for knowledge and perspective. As a teenager and young adult, traveling further exposed her to the multitude of ways that we process the world we live in. A naturally empathetic and curious person, she sought to sort through and analyze what she experienced and learned through nonfiction writing.

Stephanie specializes in narrative essays and seeks to illuminate the issues we face as a nation, particularly white supremacy. She also enjoys writing profiles of people and places. Some of her work is available online, while other pieces are being compiled for specific collections to be published in a series.

In her spare time, she likes to shoot film (photos above are hers) and dabbles in audio recording and editing.

Stephanie is also a certified ESL teacher and loves to help students express themselves fully with ease and confidence, whether they are private clients or in the classroom.